Navigating Senior Pet Care for Older Dogs

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Your dog isn’t just a pet; they’re a member of the family. And just like any family member, they go through different stages in life. When your furry friend enters their senior years, their needs can change quite a bit. Don’t worry—Montgomery Veterinary Associates is here to guide you through the journey.

Understanding the Unique Needs of a Senior Dog

As your dog ages, they’re going to go through some changes, and it’s important to adjust their care accordingly.

Physical Changes to Expect

You might notice your dog slowing down a bit. Maybe they’re not as keen on long walks, or perhaps they’re getting a bit stiff in the mornings. These are natural signs of aging and don’t necessarily mean something is wrong. However, it’s crucial to monitor these changes and discuss them with your vet.

How Dietary Needs Evolve

Just like humans, older dogs often have different nutritional needs. They might need fewer calories, or perhaps supplements to keep their joints healthy. Always consult your vet before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

Essential Veterinary Services for Older Dogs

Senior dogs need regular vet check-ups, even if they seem perfectly healthy.

Regular Wellness Check-Ups

At Montgomery Veterinary Associates, we recommend more frequent wellness check-ups for older dogs. During these visits, our team will perform a thorough physical exam and may suggest additional tests to ensure your dog is in the best health possible.

Senior Dog Bloodwork and Other Tests

Older dogs often need bloodwork, urinalysis, and sometimes even X-rays or ultrasound. These tests can catch potential problems early, which is always the best-case scenario when it comes to healthcare.

How Montgomery Veterinary Associates Can Help

At Montgomery Veterinary Associates, we specialize in senior pet care that’s tailored to each dog’s individual needs. Every dog is different, and we believe their healthcare should be too. Our team will work with you to develop a tailored care plan that takes into account your dog’s unique needs, lifestyle, and pre-existing conditions.

Ready to ensure your senior dog has the best care possible? You can call our Vaughn Road location at (334) 271-1003, call our Carter Hill location at (334) 269-2508, or request an appointment online.

With the right veterinary care and some simple lifestyle adjustments, your dog can enjoy a happy and healthy life well into their golden years. So, give us a call. We’re here to make sure both you and your furry family members enjoy this special time to the fullest.

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